Capitani Craftsman Collection

Instruments in our Craftsman Collection are sold separately, allowing the musician to customize his or her choice of case and bow.

Vitali Violin

Sizes: 4/4

  • Inspired by hand-carved fittings crafted by J.B. Vuillaume for instruments made by the Italian masters, the Vitali violin features hand-carved boxwood fittings featuring a decorative cherub tailpiece and matching pegs.

Tartini Violin

SIZES: 4/4

  • The well-seasoned spruce top and well-figured, quarter cut curly maple back of the Tartini violin is tastefully antiqued with warm red tones. The ebony Parisian eye set-up give these instruments a decorative and classic finish.

Francescatti Violin

 SIZES: 4/4

  • A professionally hand-applied spirit varnish accentuates the well-defined flame of its one piece maple back, making this instrument emulative of many of the most-often studied instruments made by the Italian masters.

Menuhin Violin

SIZES: 4/4

  • The one-piece back and ribs of this instrument are constructed from unique burled wood. Its fine workmanship and advanced tonal properties make the Menuhin a unique instrument for any musician.

Hellier Strad Violin

SIZES: 4/4

  • The Hellier Strad model is a copy of a famous violin made by Stradivarius in 1679, owned for nearly two centuries by the family of Sir Samuel Hellier. Its attractive decorative inlays make copies of this violin highly sought after.