Guitar Care

Daily Care

Clean your hands before playing your guitar. You can also minimize fingerboard wear by keeping your fingernails trimmed.

After playing, wipe the strings and the finish of the instrument with a soft cloth to remove dirt and oils.

Monthly/Yearly Care

Strings will wear down and need to be changed. When you change your strings, you should also clean the fingerboard to remove dirt and oils.

Check tuning gears for proper operation and loose parts. If there are problems, bring the instrument to a technician for repairs.

Acoustic guitars are affected by changes in humidity causing string height to change and affecting the playability of the instrument.

At least once a year, we recommend bringing your instrument to a technician for adjustments to keep your instrument in prime condition.

Do Not:

  • Use commercial solvents near an instrument because even the vapors can cause serious damage.
  • Touch the bow hair, the oils from your hands can harm the hair.
  • Never force a stuck peg, this can cause it or the peg box to break.
  • Expose the instrument to extreme or varying weather conditions, this can cause cracking of the instrument or the bow to warp.








  Did You Know? The violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood.