Trombone Care

Daily Care

 Lubricate the hand slide with slide oil (do not over oil, a few drops is sufficient) - make sure the inner slide is clean and dry.

Lubricate the tuning slides. Wipe off old grease and dirt from both tubes, then put a thin coat of tuning slide grease on each tube and insert tubes one at a time, rotating them to distribute lubricant evenly. Then assemble slide in it's correct position.

Always lock the slide when not playing the trombone, failure to do so can result in dents and the inability to use the slide.

After playing remove excess moisture from the inside of the horn by opening the water keys and blowing through the instrument.

Clean the mouthpiece using warm water and soap. A mouthpiece brush is needed to scrub any foreign matter from the inside of the mouthpiece.

Clean the body of the instrument with a specially treated polishing cloth to remove dirt and hand oils.

Monthly/Yearly Care

Once a month, the instrument should be bathed to prevent corrosion of the tubing and remove any foreign matter from inside the instrument. To bathe the instrument, remove all slides and pistons, then submerge the body in lukewarm water and mild detergent, let sit for a while, then run a cleaning "snake" through the tubes. Rinse everything thoroughly and let air dry. Apply slide grease, wipe the pistons with a lint free cloth and carefully reassemble the instrument. (A bathtub with a rubber mat is ideal for a trombone).

Apply slide grease (specifically made for this purpose) to slides monthly.

Check the water keys or "spit valves" for leaks as leaks can cause the horn to respond poorly.

At least once a year, we recommend bringing your instrument to a technician for adjustments to keep your instrument in prime condition.


Do Not:

  • Remove a stuck mouthpiece with pliers or any other home tools. This can cause the leadpipe to rip off the instrument while not removing the mouthpiece. BRING A STUCK MOUTHPIECE TO THE STORE, we will remove it for you for free.
  • Clean the instrument with hot water as this can cause serious damage to the finish.
  • Expose your instrument to extreme temperatures as it can cause damage.
  • Use Vaseline in place of slide grease, this is corrosive to brass.
  • Dent the slide. Any damage to the trombone slide can seriously hinder its playability and will need to be brought to the shop for repairs










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