Don Hahn

(970) 663-0808  -  (970) 215-3154 (cell)  -  [email protected]

Instruments & Instruction Offered
  • Trumpet (beginner-professional, age 10+)
  • French Horn (beginner-professional, age 10+)
  • Trombone (beginner-professional, age 10+)
  • Baritone (beginner-professional, age 10+)
  • Tuba (beginner-professional, age 10+)
  • Piano / Keyboard (beginner-professional, age 10+)
  • Flute (beginner-intermediate, age 10+)
  • Clarinet (beginner-intermediate, age 10+)
  • Saxophone (beginner-intermediate, age 10+)


Lesson Rates

  • $25.00 per half hour
  • $50.00 per hour (advanced students only)

If you pay by the month, you will only need to pay for 4 lessons.
If there are 5 lessons in the month you will be getting a free bonus lesson.
If you pay in advance for a month with 3 lessons it will be the usual rate = $75.
I prefer to be paid either weekly, or at the beginning of the month. It’s hard for me to pay studio rent to the Boomer Music Store when I am paid in back lessons. Forms of payment include either cash or check.


Education & Experience

Bachelor of Music - North Texas State University
Graduate Studies (2 years) - University of Northern Colorado
Certified K-12 Teacher - Colorado and Texas (8 years experience as a public school teacher)
Fort Collins Music Teachers Association (FCMTA) 

Current Performing Organizations:
Foothills Brass Quintet (3/4 Tuba)
Foothills Pops Band (4/4 Tuba)
Don Elwood Big Band (Trombone)

Past Memberships in:
Colorado Music Educators Association, past president of district 4
Tubist's Universal Brotherhood Association
Casper Municipal Band
Loveland Concert Band
Loveland Brass Quintet
Colorado Theater Orchestra
Community Arts Symphony of Englewood, CO
Just for Kicks (big band)
Kream of the Krop (big band)
Big Aspen Brass (tuba/euphonium quartet)
Dick Zavodny Polka Band
Ed Manteufel Orchestra