Monster EcoPro Lite Rotor Oil


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100% Plant Based Light Rotor Oil – Protected Needle Applicator

This is the rotor oil you should use.  And it comes with a completely no-mess precision applicator.  Tired of keeping your rotor oil in plastic bags?  Us too.

Our EcoPro line of lubricants is the result of years of research and real life professional testing.  We are all professional trumpet players and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Plant Based – will it even work?  That’s what we thought when we started this project.  In short, it’s the best oil we’ve ever tried.  It’s a little silly really – sometimes we’ve gone 2-3 weeks without oiling, and that’s with playing every day.  It’s slick, long-lasting, has no strong odors, and this will be the last oil you’ll ever use.

This oil was made in collaboration with a well established chemical company that is changing the world with incredibly innovative products that don’t use any dinosaur juice.  It is made to exacting standards and is incredibly consistent time and again.

Imagine if you dated movie stars, lived next to a distillery, solved any problem with duct tape, and hired your mom to chew your food for you.  That’s what it feels like to use EcoPro.