High quality instruments are available for rent.

Interested in trying a new instrument, beginning a music career, taking lessons. or simply wanting economical way to acquire an instrument? Maybe you or your child are interested in learning a new instrument, or maybe you have played before and want to rekindle your love for music. Renting an instrument may be a great option for you!

There are several good reasons to rent an instrument. For example when enrolling in a band or orchestra program in school, you will surely need an instrument at home to practice properly. Also as you progress you may need to “size-up”, you may want an instrument of better quality, or a different instrument all together. By renting you are allowed the convenience of not having to purchase another one outright.

Decide you love the instrument or want to own one, use your equity towards purchasing the one you are using or trade up to something else.

Orchestra and Band instruments require occasional maintenance and repair, by having a rental plan which includes maintenance you can be assured our trained staff can maintain or repair your instrument in house to keep it in the best condition possible.

Should you change your mind, or you or child should ever decide to follow a different passion, then renting offers the most flexibility. You can return the instrument and closing the rental contract is an easy exit strategy.

One-Stop Shopping – As well as offering a great selection, and pricing for music instrument rentals. We carry hundreds of instruments and accessories in our well stocked retail store in Fort Collins. Including a vast array of sheet music, in house repairs, practice rooms, and much more! Come take a look around, and talk to our knowledgeable staff.