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Instrument Step-Up Is Back! It’s Your Weekend Update.

In this Weekend Update: The Boomer Step-Up Event is back! We are still being safe a limiting people on site, so instead of just one day we are spreading it out over several weeks. Details can be found here *AND* Mrs. Lemons, the band director at High Plains School has scheduled weekly sessions for April to […]

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Happy Easter! Drew Goes Wireless and Takes It Outside. It’s Your Weekend Update

In this Weekend Update: Drew takes it outside using the new R0DE Wireless Go II. See his first look video here. *AND* Audio recording expert Braden explains the three W’s (What is it? Why is it cool? Why do I need one?) for audio interfaces, specifically the FocusRite Scarlett 2i2. Get the scoop here. *PLUS* […]

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We Survived the Snowpocalypse! It’s the Weekend Update.

In this Weekend Update: We survived the snowpocalypse! And along the way we found the heroes we needed right where they have always been. Read about it here *AND* Drew gets down to brass tacks. Well brass trumpet bells, not tacks. If you have ever wondered what the difference is between gold brass and yellow brass this […]

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Weekend Update 2-27-21

Weekend Update 2/27/21

In this Weekend Update Videos of the Week: Peter Knudson Demonstrates the Congas! (Boomer YouTube)​ Drew Gives Up! And why you probably should too. (The Podcasting Store Youtube)​ Podcast of the Week: *Now* What’s Wrong? Troubleshooting audio in the video editing process. It’s more interesting than it sounds, honest! (The Podcasting Store)…​ […]

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Weekend Update 2-21-21

Weekend Update 2/21/21

If you’re having trouble engaging your remote students, you need to see Christopher Youngren’s YouTube Channel! His recent video on this very topic is full of useful and actionable tips.…​ AND KHS America is hosting a series of professional development sessions! They start this week and space is limited, so you’ll want to act […]

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Weekend Update 2-14-21

Weekend Update 2/14/21

Last Week:We released some great video content. On the Boomer YouTube Channel is The History of Swing session we sponsored at CMEA 2021. And on The Podcasting Store’s channel is some tips on how to have better sound and video on your remote meetings. We also have information for the KHS band tryout kits, which […]

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Weekend Update 2-7-21

Weekend Update 2/7/21

Last Week:We released some great videos, specifically the CMEA session Podcasting and the Virtual Director and Care and Feeding of Your Trumpet Valves. And since things rarely go as planned, there’s also a blog post on talking about everything that went wrong in making the Care and Feeding Video and how these challenges were […]

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Weekend Update 1-31-21

Weekend Update 1/31/21

Thank you everyone for a great CMEA! Our evening session was so much fun that we may need to do some more of that sort of thing in the future. In this update: We released the cooking videos (including the behind the scenes how-to) to our YouTube channel. So if you missed it (or want […]

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Weekend Update 1-27-21

Weekend Update 1/24/21

So much to talk about this week! CMEA Starts Wednesday, and we’re sponsoring a great session on Podcasting and the Virtual Director featuring Charlie Menghini of the podcast Band Talk with Charlie Menghini and Friends and Don Stinson from The Bandmasters podcast! AND on Friday we’re sponsoring Kevin Bollinger from Denver’s own Hot Tomatoes who […]

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Weekend Update 1-10-21

Weekend Update 1/10/21

We continue to madly prepare for CMEA! Utilizing the talents of Denver’s famed Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra, the clinic will explore the roots of the swing jazz style, and how a more thorough understanding of these roots can assist young performers in developing their own jazz performance style. We’re proud to be sponsoring this session […]

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