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What the Heck is the Berp

What the Heck is it? The BERP

The buzz extension and resistance piece, better known as The Berp, helps you develop proper breath support by blowing into resistance, letting you buzz your mouthpiece while you hold your instrument in the regular playing position. The Berp also lets you press your instrument’s valves or move the slide to match the pitches you’re buzzing, […]

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What the Heck is it? The Soundpost Setter

What is a soundpost setter? How is it used? Why is it important to have the soundpost in the exact right location on your violin or other string instrument? Brad answers these questions and more in this installment of What the Heck is it?

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What the Heck is it? The Udu!

What the heck is an Udu? Peter explains what it is, why it’s cool, and how to play it!

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What the Heck Is It? The Grombal

Boomer Music’s expert Ward Durrett explains what it is, what it does, and why you need some!

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