Rental Contract

Rental Period

This rental is on a month-to-month basis with the option to purchase, exchange or return the instrument at any time. For the first three months of a rental, one hundred percent (100%) of the rental cost will be applied toward the purchase of the rental, after which ninety percent (90%) of each monthly rental payment applies towards its purchase. If the renter chooses to purchase the instrument within the first three months a twenty percent (20%) discount will be applied to the retail price. There is never an obligation to purchase the rented instrument. The renter may return the instrument, in good working order, at any time during the rental period. At that time, renter agrees to pay all outstanding rent, late charges, and damage beyond normal wear. If renter changes to another band or orchestra instrument, a portion of the accumulated equity may apply towards a single instrument. This equity must be transferred the same day as the return of the previous instrument.

Past Due Accounts

Renter agrees to make payments on or before the due date. A $5 late charge will be assessed after a 3 day grace period and for every two week period following the initial late charge until all payments and late charges are received. Late fees are subject to change without notice. Any account that is more than 15 days past due will be charged to the credit / debit card provided during rental. You will not be contacted prior to this charge being made. Any account forty five (45) days or more past due will result in the account being sent to an outside collection agency in the amount of the full balance due to purchase the instrument. Once the account has been assigned to the collection agency, the renter will incur additional legal and collection fees, even if the instrument is returned.

Contact Information Change

Renter shall notify Boomer Music Company of any changes in contact or credit card information in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in additional charges should the account go past due.

Repair and Maintenance

An optional maintenance plan is available for most rental instruments. At the time of the original rental, the renter shall choose to accept or decline this plan. The cost of this maintenance plan is in addition to the monthly rental fee and will provide all maintenance repairs to keep the instrument in good playing condition due to normal use. In cases of damage, negligence, abuse or misuse the costs of additional repairs will be covered 50% by the Boomer Maintenance agreement and 50% by being charged to the renter. Repeated intentional damage, abuse or misuse may result in the full repair cost for the instrument. This plan does not cover damage deemed beyond repair or a total loss of the instrument. Consumables such as reeds, woodwind mouthpieces, valve oil, or strings are not included in the maintenance plan. If the renter chooses not to accept this plan the renter will be charged for any repairs deemed necessary to restore the instrument to good playing condition upon its return. All claims and warranties are voided by repair work not done by Boomer Music.


Rented instruments are not insured by Boomer Music Company. Renter shall be liable to Boomer Music Company for the full price of the instrument, less any monies applied, in the event of loss, theft, or damage beyond repair.

Loaner Instruments

Loaner instruments may be available for renters with maintenance subject to the following: availability of an instrument, a current contract with maintenance and an inability by Boomer Music to complete the repair within 5 business days. A loaner will not be granted if the rental instrument is believed to be intentionally damaged. The loaner must be returned at the same time that the repaired instrument is picked up. If the loaner is kept for 30 or more days after repair completion, the loaner instrument will be subject to regular rental rates. The renter is responsible for any damage done to the loaner while it is in their possession.

Instrument Return

A rented instrument may be returned at any time during the rental period. If returned in the middle of a rental period any portion of a month used will count as a full month rental. There is no prorated refund for instruments returned in the middle of a rental period. Any additional amount paid above and beyond the usual rental fee will not be refunded in the event the instrument is returned and not purchased. If upon inspection, the instrument is found to be in need of service (beyond normal wear and tear) or is missing any parts or accessories that were included with the original rental (not including reeds for woodwind instruments), the renter agrees to pay for such damage, missing equipment, and any outstanding rent and/or late charges at that time.

Automatic Monthly Payment

The credit card provided at the time of rental will be automatically billed at the time of rental for the total in the cart and each month on the rental due date solely for the total monthly payment due (inclusive of tax and applicable maintenance fees).


This rental agreement is solely between Renter and Boomer Music Company. No agreements with any other sub-contractor, agent, or affiliate is enacted or implied. When you select “I have read and agree”, you are legally agreeing to the terms and conditions as laid out in the Boomer Music Company Rental Contract and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the rental contract that will be generated as a result of this online rental. You also agree to hold Boomer Music harmless for any misunderstandings arising from my failure to read this contract in full.