Happy Easter! Drew Goes Wireless and Takes It Outside. It’s Your Weekend Update

In this Weekend Update:

Drew takes it outside using the new R0DE Wireless Go II. See his first look video here.


Audio recording expert Braden explains the three W’s (What is it? Why is it cool? Why do I need one?) for audio interfaces, specifically the FocusRite Scarlett 2i2. Get the scoop here.


Drew discovered someone was in his way: himself. By getting out of his own way he could see a clear path to doing something we’ve been missing at Boomer for over a year! Read about it here.


As you have likely heard, the government has passed into law 3 different “Cares Acts” that include funding for Schools, referred to as ESSER FUNDS. The 2nd round of ESSER Funds is available now on a grant basis to schools. This is a use it or lose it type of funding and schools must apply for it ASAP. The newest round of funding has $130 BILLION allocated to school music programs, but you must work to apply for this funding. Here are some great resources to help guide you through securing as much of this funding as possible for your program. We urge you to apply for this funding immediately and put these incredible resources to use for your program.