Weekend Update 2/27/21

In this Weekend Update

Videos of the Week: Peter Knudson Demonstrates the Congas! (Boomer YouTube) https://youtu.be/5VksQRHyjC8

Drew Gives Up! And why you probably should too. (The Podcasting Store Youtube) https://youtu.be/C5iZhdmtOX0

Podcast of the Week: *Now* What’s Wrong? Troubleshooting audio in the video editing process. It’s more interesting than it sounds, honest! (The Podcasting Store) https://www.thepodcastingstore.com/no…

Educator Resources: Post Pandemic Planning Guide. (Yamaha Educator Suite) https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%…​[0]=AT0Q-t0vAYmZIgt3Y_mLXQlno9P8Kq4t0ylGQC-A1ipGuSCnI9FxWZXNTeP8CS6pU6jk9tfhKefvr5UKMupplwTTQH4o5S0kTKmDQP6lVbdv3B3PhPrx5EgGjnhIk1bqS7Awe_AIS24v09BsgzgtR5SgV89Bz_XPPca5DVOZIYnumyVYoajwtYUAQwRzr02qNM4Xm1A

The Week Ahead: Look for a video demonstrating the big improvements you can make to your remote meetings or remote teaching just by employing a few simple tools and techniques. Plus a WWW (What is it? Why is it cool? Why do I need one?) video featuring the R0DE Podcaster USB microphone! If you’re a remote teacher you won’t want to miss those!