Eating With Chopsticks and Drew Takes it Back Outside. It’s Your Weekend Update

In this Weekend Update: We continue our Absolute Beginners video series! We now have percussion, flute, and saxophone videos live.

These are short videos that will reinforce what a beginner has already learned in class but may have not fully absorbed. The goal is to minimize lost practice time between classes so the player can maintain enthusiasm and learn faster.

The first two lessons cover topics like:

Removing the instrument from the case (and putting it back!)




Making a sound

Other tips and tricks that are instrument specific

See the ever-expanding playlist here


Week three of Tootin’ Tuesday is in the books at High Plains School. See what topics Drew covered with the fifth grade trumpet players here.


Have you ever wondered what the tongue is actually doing while you play? Sarah Willis actually played her horn while in an MRI so we could see! The video can be found here.


What is the difference between a skill and a talent? And how does this relate to eating with Chopsticks? Drew Explains.