High Plains School Tootin’ Tuesday Week 4 Recap

Things got serious this week! Well, as serious as it can in the rain.

We had sectionals and I got to help the trumpet players. We recapped pages 4 and 5 and then moved on to pages 6 and 7 in the Traditions of Excellence book. Page 7 introduced the breath mark (phrasing) and half notes (articulation and rhythm) as well as the pitches we have been working on, so there was a lot to keep track of!

I wrote out the same chart my first trumpet teacher made for me showing the only seven valve combinations on the trumpet. I find once you understand the physics behind how the trumpet makes and changes sound it becomes easier to make great sounds. Probably a lofty goal at this stage of the game, but you cannot build a sturdy house without a strong foundation.

I’m also trying to instill the importance of muscle memory and hearing the pitch in your head before playing it. This is important for any music making, but especially for brass players who do not yet fully understand partials!

A great session as always and I can’t wait until next week!