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Trombone/Baritone/Tuba Lessons

Scott Jensen

(909)544-0652 – Instruments & Instruction Offered Trumpet (beginner-advanced, 3rd grade and up) French Horn (beginner-advanced, 3rd grade and up) Trombone (beginner-advanced, 3rd grade and up) Baritone (beginner-advanced, 3rd grade and up) Tuba (beginner-advanced, 3rd grade and up) Percussion (beginner-advanced, 3rd grade and up) Piano (beginner, 1st grade and up) Voice (beginner, 1st grade and […]

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Don Hahn

(970) 663-0808 – (970) 215-3154 (Cell) – Instruments & Instruction Offered Trumpet (beginner-professional, age 10+) French Horn (beginner-professional, age 10+) Trombome (beginner-professional, age 10+) Saxophone (beginner-intermediate, age 10+) Baritone (beginner-professional, age 10+) Tuba (beginner-professional, age 10+) Piano / Keyboard (beginner-professional, age 10+) Flute (beginner-intermediate, age 10+) Clarinet (beginner-intermediate, age 10+) Lesson Rates $25.00 per […]

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Ron Forte

(970) 217-9511 – Instruments & Instruction Offered Trumpet (any level, all ages) Trombone (any level, all ages) Alto Saxophone (any level, all ages) Piano (beginner) Piano (jazz harmony and theory as applied to the piano) Drums (beginner) Lesson Rates $25.00 per half hour, (paid in advance monthly) Education Bachelor of Music Degree in Education, […]

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