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Episode 4 – Manufacturer Representative with Wes Kreitz (Part 2)

In the interest of brevity the title of this episode calls Wes Kreitz a “Manufacturer Representative” but he does so much more.  Wes is the District Manager for the Western US for Yamaha, but more than that he is a School Services Representative.  If you are a school of any kind in the western US and want Yamaha instruments, Wes is your guy.

In this episode we talk about the great Harold Stone, the lessons he has taught us, and how the history of any profession is crucial to learn.  Wes discusses the three classes he wished he had taken, the unique skill that has been crucial to his success, and his worst disaster on the job.  You won’t want to miss that story!

Connect with Wes Kreitz

Hosted by: Drew Holmes 

Music by: Peter Knudson

Just a few of the careers in music, many of which do not involve performing!

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